Cheslyn’s Chat: A Courageous Start to your 2019

A Courageous Start to your 2019

As youth, we tend to face many challenges in life, especially at school and college. For some, it’s easier than others. Many of our youth will hardly admit to the trials that cross their path and live in an environment that they not comfortable in, feeding their own body with negative thoughts.

Here are some tips for starting your school/college year on a positive note, but before I get into that let me just reiterate the core values of MOT; COURAGE TO CARE, COURAGE TO LIVE AND COURAGE TO SAY NO. These values speak volumes and depth. They can be interpreted in many ways:

COURAGE TO CARE; Care about your school content and strive for excellence

COURAGE TO LIVE; Be yourself and do not try to please negativity around you

COURAGE TO SAY NO; Do not be afraid to say no to things you do not stand for or believe, as your opinion matters

Challenge yourself daily, as the only challenge you should see is when you look in the mirror.

Ask self-reflective questions, in this way you will get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Below I have listed a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is it that I would like to be remembered for after school or college?
  2. What career would I like to see myself in one day?
  3. What are the three possible areas improvement and development in my life?
  4. What are the three things that I do well and that I’m good at?
  5. What do I do when I’m not at school or college?

These questions will help you discover yourself and work on your goals and how to accomplish them.

Let 2019 be a year of excellence. As the late Nelson Mandela said, and I quote: “The key to success is through education”

From the MOT SA office and myself, have a great academic year and remember, The only challenge you should see is when you look into the mirror.