Cheslyn’s Chat: Young MOTivators’ Basic Education at MOT Camp for High Schools


What a magical experience once again on the Young Motivators’ Basic Education at MOT Camp for High Schools that was held at Bridges Retreat Centre in Franschhoek this past weekend. The transformation that took place and, that youth were able to express themselves in a safe space, and showcase who they are as young human beings. This to me was life changing!

Seeing kids from different backgrounds and cultures come together, all aiming for the same end goal was marvellous! Their stories were touching. I thank them for sharing their stories and experiences.
What stood out for me on this particular weekend was that we go through so many challenges in our daily lives as adults. What about the youth? Do we ever wonder what they might be going through? Do we ever hear their cries? Do we ever take their opinions into consideration and do we ever listen to them?

I am truly grateful for being a part of their journey experiences and I trust that their resilience, robustness and courage are showcased on their school ground as well as in the community.

Show Courage!