MOT Youth of the Month: Patricia Africa


My name is Patricia Africa and I am currently level 3 a student at College of Cape Town, Wynberg Campus doing a course in Hairdressing.

During my first semester at College of Cape Town this year, I was introduced to MOT. My experience with MOT has been amazing! Not only have I been selected as a Young MOTivator but, I’ve learned that it is important to respect yourself first because without respect you cannot respect someone else. I’ve also learned through the MOT core values – Courage to Live, Courage to Care and Courage to Say No that it’s important to make a positive impact in other people’s lives as each person carries their own load – the backpack.

When I was younger I never understood why I wasn’t perfect enough and I always allowed others to speak and break me down. During my high school years, I was well known as the fat kid and I was always called bad names. It hurt my feelings and made me have a low self-esteem. I was constantly in the office during class as I would fight with those calling me names. I never experience being a proper student at school as I was always picked on for being the odd one out. I was then introduced to modelling.

Being a model allowed me to be my true self and to not allow what others say to define me. I’ve learned that I need to put myself first in everything that I do. And today I can proudly say that I am smiling happily and confidently in front of cameras!

With the help of MOT, I have gained even more confidence in myself and learned not to discriminate others, and to include all, despite their race and if they stand out. I’ve learned that it’s not a bad thing to stand out because being outstanding in your own way is perfect. Knowing yourself and what you are and your purpose in life is better than what others want for your life.

MOT is the best programme. It changed my entire life. Thank you, MOT!