MOT SA Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony


On 2 July, MOT SA held its 10th AGM. Along with the AGM, we hosted our Awards Ceremony to celebrate MOT Excellence within our partnering High Schools, TVET Colleges and Community Organisations. There has been a set and strict criterion for High Schools and TVET Colleges to qualify for the awards.
The winners for each of the awards are as follows:

MOT Coach of the Year: Nobuntu Luthuli

From left: MOT SA Chairperson Prof Links; MOT Coach, Noxolisa Jafta; Country Director, Julia Duminy

MOT School of the Year: Simon’s Town High School

From left: MOT SA Chairperson Prof Links; MOT Principal, Jean Human; Country Director, Julia Duminy

MOT TVET College of the Year: Northlink TVET College, Goodwood Campus

From left: MOT SA Chairperson Prof Links; MOT Coach and Coordinator, Cheryl Fester; Country Director, Julia Duminy

To have qualified for the MOT Coach of the year award, the MOT Coach needed to be active for a minimum of 3 years, completed the 3 year programme with more classes of students and made youth feel that they own MOT and live by the MOT Core values – Courage to Care, Courage to Live and Courage to Say No.

To have qualified for the MOT School and TVET College of the year, the institution needed to have been an active partner for a minimum 3 years, received top score on questionnaires completed by students, have strong and high ownership of MOT and have made MOT a priority in attending MOT meetings and gatherings.

We also had our first-ever Are Hovstad Award in tribute to his legacy for the best MOT Coach. The criteria for the MOT Coach was:

  • Living life by being herself and by being proud of who she is
  • Shows respect for herself and others
  • Cares for herself and others
  • Spoke out when it was most needed
  • And, above all, stood by her values

Christine Thomas received the award as she portrays the MOT values: Courage to Live, Courage to Care and Courage to say No, in her daily life and in her interaction with others and continually displays the above.

From left: MOT SA Chairperson Prof Links; Wife of the late great Are Hovstad, Wenche Hovstad; Award winner, MOT Coach and Coordinator, Christine Thomas; Country Director, Julia Duminy