MOT Youth of the Month: Zukisa Tamle


I am Zukisa Tamle from Worcester working in Cape Town as a full-time Model. I am 23 years old of age.

In 2014 I was a student at Ned Doman High School in Athlone, but I didn’t do well at school due to lack of confidence. I started doing drugs and this had an impact on my mental and emotional state. I then decided to drop out of school.

Early in 2015, my parents begged me to return to school, but I refused.  My mother then came up with a suggestion that I enrol at Boland TVET College. I decided to give it a shot, but only because there was no uniform. The same year, I started as a student at Boland TVET College, Caledon Campus and in that same year, I received many blessings in disguise.

Mr Abner, Safety and Society lecturer at the college first introduced me to MOT. It is from this moment that I have learned to find myself. Only good things happened from here.  

I was then nominated to run for the Student Representative Council (SRC) in 2016. I was then chosen to attend Young MOTivators Education to be trained as a Young MOTivator. Each moment on the camp felt like I was a new person. I met so many new friends that were so supportive of me! I was transformed into a better version of myself and was rebuilt internally!

Today I am a model and a motivational speaker. My goals have been realized and I am living my dream! My motivational speaking is highly aimed at those who lack confidence in themselves, who feels weak and are vulnerable and who have a difficult upbringing. It is even aimed toward those who are judgmental. My uncle Sicelo Elliot Tamle taught me that no one volunteers to be born in a certain family, situation, environment. He said that no one is perfect, we are all equally perfect and this is what I focus on with my motivational speaking.

I just want to say thank you to MOT for changing my life to become the man that I am today. I found my true self and I have grown so much as a motivational speaker and I will always treasure the MOT manual received at the camp. I use it in my daily life and as a guidance for my motivational speaking.

It really takes courage to be yourself and to be real. It takes even more courage to stay true to yourself to who you are and being yourself and dreams.

So, have the courage to be real and stay true to yourself and always work on trying to make your dreams a reality!

Thank you so much!