Newly trained Young MOTivators set to make a warmer & safer place for their peers!


From 30 August to 1 September 2019, we hosted our third Young MOTivators’ Education for the year educating more youth on how to be youth leaders within their school, college and community. This was a camp that was sponsored by MySchool MyPlanet MyVillage as part of our combined July campaign to train 67 students in dedication to Tata Mandela’s 67 minutes initiative.  

The 3 days consisted of fun practical exercises, role plays, group work, discussions and many more!

Keep on reading to find out what they’ve been up to during the 3 days!

We started the Friday sharing their wish list for the weekend. The wishlist is a list of expectations for the weekend that the youth shares!

The rest of the consisted of getting to know each one through our life shield that consisted of sharing your goals and dreams for the future. The youth learned about MOT’s history through role-plays. The evening ended with a night of games that was joined by our MOT Brand Ambassador, JP Duminy who also participated in the role plays!

Preston Saayman from Boland TVET College shared: He [JP Duminy] has the most beautiful heart and is an amazing role model. I admire how humble he was. To have been able to feel free and be casual with someone with literally thousands of followers was a great experience! His persona was that of a bigger brother

Sasha Dearham from False Bay TVET College shared: It was nice to have to JP spend the evening with us and play games beside him.

Saturday consisted of team-building exercises, group discussions of becoming culture builders, group activities and another visit from our MOT Ambassador, Carl Wastie who MOTivated the Young MOTivators in training on his life story. This had a great impact on the youth as his story is something they can relate to. 

Preston Saayman from Boland College shared: For a well-known personality, he [Carl Wastie] really blended well with us as flat storied strangers. I respect his grind and his humble nature.

Roberta Slade from False Bay College shared: It was an invigorating experience learning from such a powerful person. What stuck with me from what he said is that life may get you down, but you can really make a difference if you put your head in the right direction.

Sunday the youth had more fun and interactive activities, including group discussions. They ended the day with the paper plate exercise where each person had a paper plate pinned their backs and each person wrote positive comments “behind their backs”. They also shared the best things written on their plates with the rest of the group!

The TVET Colleges that were in attendance were Boland College, College of Cape Town, False Bay College, West Coast College and even Eastcape Midlands all the way from the Eastern Cape!

Thank you for an amazing, fun, interactive weekend! We enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you and we were glad to have fulfilled your expectations of the weekend from what you’ve shared for the wish list! 

See a few quotes from our newly Young MOTivators regarding the 3 days:

  • I felt safe to be able to vulnerable and express myself. The camp made me realise that everyone has baggage, have disappointments and make mistakes and that it’s okay. It’s what you do with those mistakes and gets up from it.
  • The camp surpassed my expectations. Not the training alone but the love and the experience.
  • Now I know that it is okay to have different insights into yourself and to work with the inner you first.
  • I was surprised to find out that being vulnerable is actually a good thing if you are around the right people.

Watch the videos from our Young MOTivators here:

Click on the link here to view the pictures of the weekend