MOT Youth Blogger of the Month: Lusanda Mafenuka


I am Lusanda Mafenuka originally from Eastern Cape residing
in Atlantis, Western Cape. I was born in Gauteng Province and raised in a small
town in Transkei, Eastern Cape called Willowvale. I came to Western Cape to
further my studies and enrolled at West Coast TVET College.

After graduating, I got the opportunity to work as a MOT intern
with MOT South Africa based at West Coast TVET College, Atlantis Campus.

At first, I was nervous as I would need to run the MOT
Programme at our campus, and this would include facilitation and running
regular meetings with the Young MOTivators. I thought that I was not good
enough for them and had a low self-esteem. I decided to read through the MOT
Programmes Manual which was really motivating and gave me the boost I needed!

After a month I got an opportunity to attend one the Young
MOTivators’ Education as a Mentor that is held annually for the youth at TVET
Colleges. Being on the outside and seeing how it affected the youth positively was
a great experience! I took a lot from what was taught and am using it in my
personal life and as a role model to the youth. What stuck with me is showing
courage every day to others and to yourself in 3 different ways – Courage to
live, Courage to Care and Courage to Say No, which are also MOT’s core values. These
3 values taught me to never judge people about their culture or background but
to accept all regardless of who they are and care about them and yourself.

I am grateful to have been a part of MOT and to have met the
MOT Team even if it was only for a short while. MOT will always be in my heart.

I will also always admire the times I spent with the Young MOTivators
at the Young MOTivators’ Education and on campus as well.

Thank you.