MOT Coaches’ Refresher Training Workshop in Western Cape 2024

MOT SA Refresher and Western Cape Education Department Workshop (4)

On Friday, 19 April, our MOT Coaches from Gardens Commercial High School gathered at Gardens Commercial High School for our second MOT Coaches’ Refresher Training Workshop of the year!

The Refresher Training provided our MOT Coaches with the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and refine their skills. They are now fully equipped to continue facilitating MOT sessions, empowering and strengthening the youth within their institution to become active citizens, role models, and leaders in both their schools and community.

During the workshop, special emphasis was placed on the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment where youth can openly share their thoughts and emotions without judgment. Additionally, the new manual and new MOT sessions were introduced to the MOT Coaches, providing updated resources and tools.

At the workshop, Best Practice Discussions were held on how to best facilitate the MOT Sessions, allowing MOT coaches to share their struggles and receive assistance. As a result, participants left the training feeling refreshed, excited, and reenergized, ready to implement the enhanced strategies and techniques in their mentoring roles.

We also celebrated the MOT Coaches who completed one year in their role with a Certificate Ceremony, recognizing their dedication and commitment to the MOT programme.

The unwavering passion and dedication displayed by our MOT Coaches fill us with optimism for the potential of our youth. We are eager about the future excited about the future and confident that our MOT Coaches will continue to inspire and motivate the youth they serve.

Let’s not stop making a difference!
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Gardens Commercial High School for graciously hosting the MOT Coaches Refresher Training Workshop on their premises.

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