Thank you to all our frontline workers!

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We would like to thank our front-line workers for all your hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are frontline workers?

Frontline workers are employees who provide an essential service and who physically show up to their jobs.

Frontline workers include Health care workers, grocery store employees, teachers, police, and security staff, public transport services, delivery services, warehouse workers, etc.

We understand the huge sacrifice all frontline workers make. From their personal life that might include stress and/or anxiety from being at work or home, being vulnerable, feeling scared and lonely, their children’s education, and many more. We thank you and salute you for putting yourself out on the front line! You are our real community’s superheroes!

How can we say thank you to frontline workers?

  • Be kind

Grocery store workers are always in contact with people in the store. Be kind and respectful towards them and other customers, thank them and continue to keep them, others and yourself safe by wearing your mask, sanitising and keeping your distance.

  • Share a message of gratitude to them on social media  

Share your appreciation and gratitude to them on social media by tagging them directly or in general.

When you post, we invite all our MOT Enthusiasts to tag us and use our hashtag –  #Courage2Rise and tag @motsouthafrica in your posts. It can be in the form of a message, thank you note, video or even artwork!

Our hashtag #Courage2Rise is our theme for the year which means having the courage to rise up in spite of all adversities that might come our way. Vince Lombardi says: It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up”. We will rise! And we want all MOT Enthusiasts to rise up in all situations in your lives!

  • Offer to help frontline workers in your community

There are always ways to help. Perhaps you could offer to help by going to the mall for them, make them a meal or some dessert, etc.

  • Donating to our Courage to Care and COVID Care Campaign

Some frontline workers also work in non-profit organisations serving less fortunate communities.

Through our Courage to Care Campaign we have redirected our corporate donations to assist Sakhisizwe YDP, Mbekweni Youth Centre and JP21 Foundation who are currently running feeding schemes for their direct beneficiaries and families.

We are proud to announce our COVID Care Campaign which recently started in proud partnership with JP21 Foundation and PPC Africa. This includes providing our MOT Programme via our MOT Xtra to schools to educate our youth on how to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have completed our pilot programme at 2 schools – Yellowwood and Hyacinth with 200 youth participating per day. We would like to continue with this project by educating and impacting more youth during this difficult time. Read more the campaign here

If you are interested in supporting our campaigns, please contact our Country Director, Julia Duminy on

Read more about our campaign here

  • Staying home

You can show your appreciation to frontline workers by staying home, and only leave your home if there is a need. Doing so will limit the spread of COVID-19. When outside, continue to wear your mask, social distance and sanitise.

The list can go on. What is important to remember is that a little kindness goes a long way!

Let us continue to do our parts in keeping ourselves and others safe!

Your courage, dedication, commitment, and passion have our deepest gratitude and admiration. Your service makes a huge difference to all of us! 

We would like to urge our superheroes that while they might be caring for others, they need to care for themselves too.  

Here are some messages of thanks and pictures shared by our youth.

  • A special thank you to everyone on the front lines for risking their lives to help save ours during this pandemic. Your hard work and support don’t go unnoticed. You are our heroes. – Nanziwe Daisy Mbatha from Port Elizabeth TVET College, Dower Campus
  • Thank you for being on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic. I know it couldn’t have been easy, but you showed that the impossible is possible! Thank you once again donating your time and energy for saving us. – Theo Jacobs from COSAT
MOT Youth showing their thanks to frontliners with words of thanks on paper
Darren Maybe from False Bay TVET College and Darryll Fredericks from Boland TVET College
MOT Youth showing their thanks to frontliners with words of thanks on paper
Bonga Johnson from False Bay TVET College and Grizelle Cloete from Northlink TVET College
Caleb Mutombo Young MOTivator from False Bay TVET College, Fish Hoek Campus

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