MOT SA COVID Care Campaign

JP Duminy doing an ice-breaker with the youth at Hyacinth School

MOT South Africa kicked off another MOT X-tra called the COVID Care Campaign the past week (13 – 17 July), in proud partnership with PPC Africa and JP21 Foundation, with ex-international cricket player, JP Duminy as the JP21 Foundation founder as well as a MOT SA Brand Ambassador.

The MOT Xtra Campaign was created to respond to the current situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that as MOT SA, we can still reach youth and empower them to be courageous, resilient and active citizens during the National Lockdown.

Programmes and Training Officer, Andiswa Makha facilitating

MOT programmes have been designed for the classroom environment and due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing regulation it is not possible to continue with the formal and structured MOT sessions.

MOT values, however go beyond the limitations posed by this pandemic and still speak to the heart. We are now more than ever encouraged to do MOT in a youthful, innovative and sincere manner, with a special focus on being innovative in how we deliver our programme objectives and core values.

The COVID Care campaign came to light with the reopening of schools and colleges, and the need to educate our youth on how to take care of their physical and mental wellness during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The MOT sessions have been run by our Programmes and Training Manager, Andiswa Makha, our Young MOTivators (Youth leaders) and the coaches from JP21 Foundation, who promote physical wellbeing through good nutrition and exercise regimes. The programme consists of interactive life-skills activities focusing on COVID-19 health and wellness in order to keep our youth motivated and strengthened, all the while staying safe and healthy!

JP21 Foundation coaches exercising with youth

The MOT sessions were run at Yellowwood Primary in Tafelsig and Hyacinth Primary in Lentegeur with a total of 200 learners per day. The sessions are held for 1 hour and require youth to sit 1.5 meters apart from one another while the sessions are taking place.

MOT South Africa look forward to having more sessions and many more, watch this space.


MOT SA Team based at Yellowwood Primary School with award (From left: Andiswa Makha, Marlon Van Diemen, Jacqueline Carolus, Shouneez Dearham)
Facilitators from MOT South Africa, JP21 Foundation and Think Africa

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