MOT Youth Blogger of the Month: Marshall Bantom

This poem as written and recited by our Young MOTivator, Marshall Bantom who shares his frustration at how some men are treating women and wants to get his voice heard:

Hi there! My name is Marshall
I just felt like getting something off my heart
I couldn’t sleep and I feel it’s something I have to speak about – Gender Based Violence
I would like to do it in a unique manner
Keep in mind I am not a poet,
nor am I a rapper
This is just something I wrote down as I feel that
as a man, I feel like the good men are getting affected in a bad light because of other men doing bad things
Just thinking about it hurts me

I’m not a poet,
I’m just writing what I feel
I’m not a rapper,
but listen to the words that I speak and understand what I mean
You rape and you murder
and think that you are cool
Think again brother,
how the hell can you be such a fool?

Sorry for the words,
but how can I describe this?
It makes me angry and sad
just thinking of this

How can you rape a four-year-old child and still be a father for your child?
Are you mentally disturbed or brainwashed?
How the hell do you hit a woman and feel nothing?
I apologize to every woman and child
and hope you understand my plea

You’re the one that changes groceries into a king’s meal
You gave birth to us as a blessing straight from heaven

For every man that thinks about taking the action of rape or murder, get on your knees or pull your bible closer

Think twice before you bring down the whole male gender

This is just something that I wrote
I hope you liked it
If this goes viral and even if it doesn’t, it wouldn’t matter
I just wanted to share this
Thank you!