MOT Youth Blogger of the Month – Aydon Zinzan Jantjies

My name is Aydon Zinzan Jantjies and I am a confident fun-loving young adult that loves all things positive.

In the year 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the Young MOTivators Education. I was amongst 10 of my classmates that were youth leaders in my class.

At the camp, our walls were broken down. This was life-giving to me, seeing as I grew up without a father figure. As well as having almost no knowledge of how a man or father show be. 

I learned to have the courage to show respect, love, and care for others, despite their background, and to include those left out. I learned to believe in myself and to take responsibility for my own life and my future. 

I am grateful today for all the lessons and tools I have learned through the many group discussions and activities. These have helped me become a better role model to my peers. 

Today I have a brighter future. Today I respect all no matter their background.

I am a better Man and feel fully confident that I will be a great father.

Thank you, MOT for changing my life for the better.

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