Farewell to MOT’s Founder, Atle Vårvik

collage of pictures that shows 1 person as a farewell to MOT's founder

Please read the letter written by Atle here

We’d like to bid farewell to our MOT Father and the founder of MOT, Atle Vårvik, who has officially retired.

Atle was the idea man behind MOT and along with 3 other Norwegian top sportsmen founded MOT in 1997 and now MOT is in 5 Countries: Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Thailand, and South Africa!

Atle has also been a committed leader for the past 27 years!

We thank you for starting an organization that has grown into what it is today and which we all love and adore so much!

We are forever grateful for the time spent in your presence – your inspiration, and your courage!

Thank you for creating a big international MOT family and we look forward to creating even more Magical MOT Moments and growing to greater lengths!

Everything of only the best to you and to your family!

We wish you only the best ahead of you, lots of courage and we will continue living up to your dream of spreading courage everywhere we go, implementing MOT, and creating a warmer and safer society for all!

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