Courage to Care Day Story written by Darryll Fredericks

Hi MOT Family 😊

I am Darryll and I am a Young MOTivator trained in 2018.

My story is about my friend Mitchell Highburg who showed the Courage to Care in my community.

Mitchell started a soup kitchen in our community because he saw that there were many people that did not have food for themselves and their families. There are also many without jobs and he saw this as an opportunity to help others with a meal.

The soup kitchen started before the pandemic hit us in last year and is still going strong.

He has a station where he served his meals, but this place got looted, as well as some of his products that were stolen, which led him to serve in the community.

He now has a sponsorship to help him prepare and serve meals as he was using his own food items and which allows him to serve them regularly.

I find his story really inspiring because despite his daily struggles and challenges, he still finds the strength and courage to serve the community with warm meals. I admire his courage.