Courage to Care Day Stories


For Courage to Care Day, we challenged our MOT Youth to write stories of random acts of kindness that they’ve experienced.

Courage to Care Day is a day where we, as the whole MOT family, celebrate by doing an act or many acts of kindness that will make the world a warmer and safer place. This is the same concept as Mandela Day. We believe that each person has the power and courage to make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how small.

We have received a total of 6 courageous stories we are super inspired and in awe by them! With the winner, Gloria receiving R250 as a cash prize for first place!

Thank you so much to all our youth who have participated and submitted their stories. We are proud of you 🙂

Read further to be inspired 😀

Submission by: Gloria Nkgetheleng Bocheletsana (1st Place)

Dear MOT Family

I would like to share a story of how someone showed me the courage to care when I was in need.

I have started selling raw unprocessed honey this month, and I needed honey containers. Instead of having my business partner buy them, I decided to go instead, so that I would how to find the factory in future.  

When I reached Maitland fisheries, I tried to request an Uber to take me directly to the place I needed to be, but the app kept on showing “no service”. I kept on trying, with no luck. I then decided to ask one of the taxi drivers to direct me to the place. They dropped me at the nearest point, just to realize that it was the wrong address.

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Submission by: Marshall Bantom (2nd Place)

My name is Marshall Bantom and I am a MOT Alumni. I was trained as a Young MOTivator in 2019.

Kindness is not always what we do for others, but it can be as easy as just saying “thank you” or “I’m here when you need to talk about anything”

I’ve experienced it first hand. A mutual friend of mine invited me to a Youth Day event.
The programme for the day which was organized by Pastor Emeul Sauls was so blessed. The theme was, “BRING THE GLORY INTO YOUR STORY”.

We as the youth had an opportunity to stand on the platform &share our stories of courage and testimonials. Watching the other youth sharing their stories to a group of 40–50 people was so inspiring to me and this gave me the courage to share mine.

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Submission by Marlyn – Lee Van Diemen (3rd place)

I can almost remember it like yesterday – the year 2012, my final high school year.

I had an assignment for one of my favourite subjects, that required me to have it typed out. The object of the assignment was to assess my computer skills, however, at that time, I did not know how to operate a Word document or Excel or any of the other MS Office suite applications.

In that same year, I became friends with one of my neighbours, Dani who showed me the true meaning of having the courage to care. I was feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, and I shared my frustrations with her. She then offered to mentor me on how to make use of MS Office and how to type out a report.

Dani exercised one of the 3 MOT core values, showing the Courage to Care.

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Submission by Jerimedro Jacobs

Hi there! My name is Jerimedro Jacobs and I’m a MOT Alumni and Young MOTivator from West Coast TVET College, Malmesbury Campus.

For my Courage to Care Story, I would like to share with you about the people I’ve met and what I have experienced while visiting in Moss Norway, at Kirkeparken Upper Secondary School as part of the MOT Programmes.

They were all accepting of me, with no regard to my background and culture. They showed me love, respect and I could feel that they cared.

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Submission by Darren Maybe
Boy in uniform

The following content will be the events that were the highlight of my week. These events were random acts of kindness and showing support to some total stranger or person I know.

On August 10th I decided to pack in extra lunch with fruit and water for a homeless gentleman that I greet every day on my way to campus. I spent approximately 5-10 minutes in conversation with him. The man looked extremely grateful not just for the goodies I gave him but for the fact that someone spent time talking to him. As I walked away, I could see he was standing in the corner with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Then on August 13th, I bought myself a takeaway coffee at KFC and witnessed one of the general workers at Maynard Mall in Wynberg being rebuked by a lady and I thought to myself buy him a coffee just to put a smile on his face.

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Submission by Darryll Fredericks

Hi MOT Family

My story is about my friend Mitchell Highburg who showed the Courage to Care in my community.

Mitchell started a soup kitchen in our community because he saw that there were many people that did not have food for themselves and their families. There are also many without jobs and he saw this as an opportunity to help others with a meal.

The soup kitchen started before the pandemic hit us in last year and is still going strong.

He has a station where he served his meals, but this place got looted, as well as some of his products that were stolen, which led him to serve in the community.

He now has a sponsorship to help him prepare and serve meals as he was using his own food items and which allows him to serve them regularly.

I find his story really inspiring because, despite his daily struggles and challenges, he still finds the strength and courage to serve the community with warm meals. I admire his courage.  

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