Courage to Care Day story written by Jerimedro Jacobs

Hi there! My name is Jerimedro Jacobs and I’m a MOT Alumni and Young MOTivator from West Coast TVET College, Malmesbury Campus.

For my Courage to Care Story, I would like to share with you the people I’ve met and what I have experienced while visiting Moss Norway, at Kirkeparken Upper Secondary School as part of the MOT Programmes.

They were all accepting of me, with no regard to my background and culture. They showed me love, respect and I could feel that they cared.

I remember when I was feeling depressed, 3 of the people I met helped me without expecting anything in return from me. One named Lea Marie Tallerad helped me with my electricity bill when I was not able to afford it, due to being unemployed. She said that I did not need to repay her and I am utterly grateful and blessed.

Mrs. Sigrid Sandvand, an educator and Principal Solveig Olsen also showed me the Courage to Care by being kind and helping me when I was in need this year. They helped me too, without expecting anything in return.

Most of all a true and loveable friend, Mr. Dean Adams, no matter what difficult situation he was going through, he would always show his support and care to me. He would always be there whenever I needed him and it brings joy in my heart to have such people in my life, and I believe it brings them even more joy to show others they care in their times of need.

I want to thank all of them for their support, care and unconditional love. Because of them, my belief in caring for others have been reenergized and with the same care they have provided me with, I will surely do the same for others. Even more.

They have each showed me the true value the courage to care no matter how simple it may seem.

Thank you so much! #CouragetoCare