Believing in yourself – Blog post by Ntombomzi Nazo

picture of woman for women's month

As today marks the last day of Women’s Month, we would you to be inspired by the incredibly encouraging and MOTivating words by our very own MOT Coach, Ntombomzi Nazo from Northlink TVET College. May you be inspired and pumped up with Courage!

Stand firm, stay positive, dream big, and believe in yourself!

– Ntombomzi Nazo

As we grow in life as women, there are changes happening in us – Intellectually, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

When such change happens, we tend to doubt our capabilities and depend on other people’s approval of us. That is why it is important to believe in yourself.

Sometimes as women we give each other unnecessary pressures of wanting to fit within certain circles by qualifying to certain levels like, having a lot of money, wearing brand names, driving certain cars, staying in certain suburbs, etc and yet, you know who you and there’s no need to be pressurized.

As a woman, I know myself. I accept challenges coming my way and I don’t depend on other people’s love.

I love myself. I look at the mirror and make sure that I am solid and sorted!

I always make sure that I engage with positive people that will build me by inspiring and encouraging me in whatever engagement I do.

Plan your life, dream big, protect yourself, and accept yourself.

Allow failures to happen in your life as they teach you how to be successful.

And when you fall, don’t lie down, but stand up, shake it off and carry on with your journey.

Keep trying until you win, or achieve your goal.

Do not depend on other people’s opinions about you.

They can either build or destroy you in any manner.

Stand firm, stay positive, dream big, and believe in yourself. Press on women!

Happy Women’s Month!

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