Happy Global Dignity Day!

To be able to live each day with honor, respect and dignity is the greatest achievement of all.

What is Global Dignity Day?

Global Dignity Day is an initiative meant for educating and inspiring young people to understand their self-worth.

This day recognizes that everyone has a right to a dignified life and that all should have basic human rights such as education, access to health care, security, and income.

It teaches values such as kindness, tolerance, understanding, and compassion.

How was Global Dignity Day started?

It was founded by 3 people namely – Prince Haakon, John Hope Bryant, and Pekka Himanen. They believed that human dignity was the core of positive social change, especially in today’s world.

It was first celebrated on the 20th of October 2008 and today more than 250 000 people over 70 countries celebrate the day.

The mission of Global Dignity Day is to unite everyone with belief that we all deserve to live a life of dignity.

How can Global Dignity Day be celebrated?

The day is mostly celebrated in schools and community centers with young people.

A number of activities can be lined up to celebrate the special day. Here are some examples:

• Invite special guest speakers to school assemblies who will educate children on the concept of dignity and its impact on ever-changing our society.
• Have lectures that are all centered around the topic of dignity.
• Hold open discussions in classes and groups revolving around dignity and what it means to them.
• Role plays amongst students practicing kindness, compassion, and all the themes surrounding dignity.

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