MOT SA creating positive impact in Northern Cape

MOT Coaches medium headshots

On 25 – 26 October, as part of our project with Scatec Solar, we visited Hanover in the Northern Cape and kicked off 2 MOT sessions to 23 young adults all over the Northern Cape as part of the Youth Leadership Training.

Our 23 bright youth leaders-in-training came from Hanover, Burgersdorp, Philipstown, and Petrusville. 

MOT SA has been appointed by Scatec Solar to implement a Youth Leadership Programme over a period of 6 months to support Youth Development which forms part of their companies’ strategic development goals.

All these 30 youth will be benefiting from the MOT programme.

We are excited about all the wonderful conversations that have come from the many group discussions we’ve had, including listening to the amazing goals and dreams they’ve mentioned!

We look forward to the amazing contribution they will have and the value they will add to their community once all 12 MOT sessions are complete!

Watch this space!

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