MOT Coaches’ Basic Education

group of teachers mot coaches smiling

On 11 – 13 March, MOT SA held its 1st MOT Coaches’ Basic Education for the year and welcomed 26 new MOT Coaches to the Family!

The 3-day retreat consisted not only of MOT life-skills training but also lots of fun and interactive activities, thought-provoking group discussions and getting to know one another through many bonding experiences.

Life shield session – sharing of goals and dreams

Our MOT Coaches’ Basic Education retreat falls part of our Courage to Care Project with Wynberg Rotary was initiated to educate the teachers within the Grassy Park area to uplift the youth in their classrooms and in the community to make better choices and create a warmer and safer place for all.

Schools and Organisations that were in attendance were: Fairmount, Zeekoevlei, Lotus Secondary Schools, Pebbles Project, Dreamspire, Sakhisizwe, and the Department of Correctional Services.

From Left: Marlyn – Lee Van Diemen and Aurelio Jao’o

MOT Coaches and Young MOTivators, Marlyn-Lee Van Diemen and Aurelio Jao’o joined the MOT Team the weekend who shared MOT journeys – how the MOT Programmes inspired them to stay involved and gave them platforms to empower others to become the best versions of themselves, as well as assisted with facilitation and team building activities.

MOT’s Research

We were joined by Dr Puni Mamdoo who shared the importance of Monitoring and Evaluation. Our MOT Coaches play a huge role in making this possible. We look forward to this new partnership and the great scientific results that will come from it on the impact that MOT has on the MOT Youth, MOT Coaches and community.

Genevieve, our newly trained MOT Coach shared that she likes that MOT looks at the individual and provides us with tools that MOT Coaches can use to empower and equip young people to help them deal with real-life situations.

Invisible Backpack session – Having the awareness that everyone has an invisible backpack where they carry their burdens and showing empathy, patience and seeing the whole person instead of judging

Being trained to become a MOT Coach requires you to be Passionate, Youthful, Innovative and Sincere (P-YIS). That you have the motivation to develop robust youth who include, and this is precisely what our MOT Coaches have!

We are excited about the positive difference they will make and bring into the lives of the youth, including their own!

We believe that our MOT Coaches are The Special Ones, who will encourage ownership so the youth can use MOT in their own way.

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