MOT SA Courage to Care Day

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About Courage to Care Day

A day that is celebrated annually by expressing kindness, care and love to friends, family and strangers. Similar to that which our Tata Madiba has envisioned for Mandela Day.

The day aligns with MOT’s core values – Courage to Live, Courage to Care and Courage to Say no, as well as MOT’s Vision to create a warmer and safer society.

Courage to Care Day will run from 07:30 to 15:00 on 3 June 2022 until Friday 10 June.

About MOT SA

MOT works to nurture robust and resilient people with a special focus on youth by providing them with tools to strengthen their leadership and courage.

Through the MOT programmes, youth are empowered with self-awareness, courage, resilience and life skills to make good life choices, develop their full potential and become leaders and positive role models in their communities.

MOT SA Projects

As the MOT SA head office, we have identified three Courage to Care Day projects that our MOT sites can participate in.

The three collaborating partners are:

Register to become a blood stem cell donor

Register to become a blood stem cell donor on By registering, you will be joining our 11 million global donor database. If you are between 18 – 55 years and in general good health you can help us help people fighting blood cancer!

DKMS Africa is a global donor registry and is working in collaboration with MOT.

School Clothing

Rural schools are MOT’s partners for this project. Donating old school shoes, old school jerseys and school backpacks for rural schools.

GBV Shelter support

People opposing women abuse (POWA) and the Teleah Meshae Foundation are MOT’s partners in this project. Donating toys and children’s clothing for various shelters assisting women and children who are victims of GBV across the Western Cape. One of the main shelters we will be supporting is in Atlantis.

Drop off Points for clothing and items (highlighted sites will be running for the week)

  • MOT South Africa, College of Cape Town – Crawford Campus
  • Cape Town Museum of Childhood, 3 Milner Rd, Rondebosch
  • Gardens Commercial High School, Paddock Ave, CBD
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Granger Bay
  • Northlink TVET College: Belhar Campus, Belville Campus, Wingfield Campus
  • False Bay TVET College: Fish Hoek Campus and Westlake Campus
  • Fairmount High School, 5 Maroon Rd, Parkwood
  • Zeekoevlei High School, 370, Lotus River
  • Lotus High School, Park Crescent, Grassy Park

For more information about Courage to Care Day, please feel free to contact the MOT Office at 021 696 610 or or

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