MOT Coach Blogger of the Month – Elizabeth Nel

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Hi Everyone. I am Elizabeth Nel, MOT Coach from Pebbles Project and I am this month’s MOT Coach Blogger of the Month!

Before attending the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education

I first got to hear about MOT when I started working with Pebbles Project.  The MOT programme was being implemented at our main offices in Stellenbosch. I did not know much about the programmes and what it was about, but I found them extremely fun and engaging as I saw the positive effect they had on the young people involved.

The MOT Programme makes use of interactive group discussions and role-playing that allows our young people to self-reflect on how they will tackle different situations. It also consists of fun games with a positive message.

I got appointed as a Support Teacher and agreed to become a MOT Coach at the next training. I was extremely excited to be a part of this amazing organization and use the skills and tools to empower our young people.

After attending the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education

The slogan: “Show Courage”, was something I have been trying to teach the young people I work with every day.  The values – Courage to Live, Courage to Care and the Courage to say No, including the principles, will help our young people to make conscious choices every day and have a positive attitude towards life and others around them.

I work with learners from Gr R – Gr 12, and I hope to be able to teach them to have courage, even from a very young age. The children grow up with enormous challenges every day, and if they can learn to make the right choices from a young age, be able to say “NO!” when needed, and care for themselves and those around them, the future will be brighter!

Being a part of MOT is truly life-changing and the skills and knowledge taught will stay with me and those involved with MOT for life long.

I hope to make a difference in our young people’s lives and empower them to reach their potential through courage!

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