MOT Coach Blogger of the Month – Charmaine Anthony

mot coach blogger charmaine anthony

Hi everyone, my name is Charmaine Anthony and I am based at West Coast TVET College. I am the MOT Coach Blogger of this Month!

I will be speaking about my MOT Journey and the Experience I had at the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education (training).

The MOT Programme inspired me whilst I was still a student and MOT Youth at West Coast TVET College.  In December 2021, I attended the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education and helping and working with the youth is what gets me excited and seeing them become the best that they can be is what warms my heart.

What encouraged me to get more involved with MOT, is everything that I’ve learned about and how MOT came into existence with its programmes, including what it stands for, especially with my love for building and strengthening robust youth. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to become a MOT Coach I grabbed it with both hands.

The MOT Coaches’ Basic Education (training) Retreat Experience

The MOT Coaches’ Basic Education gave me that extra push I needed! I have always been shy when it came to meeting new people,  especially not knowing what to talk about or what they will think of me. But at this retreat, I learned that I am a strong, confident being. Especially with the feedback, I received during the “uptalk session”, which involved having to sit with my back faced to the crowd while receiving positive remarks about my character and personality.

The MOT Programmes showed me what strength I have and how I can use my experiences to empower others. Being a MOT Coach and facilitating the programme to the youth is an important job, as I am now a role model, a person that the youth look up to.

Our youth will benefit tremendously by being a part of the MOT Programme. MOT’s core values: Courage to Live, Courage to Care and Courage to say No and, the balance thereof will help our youth today with daily life challenges and help them to make conscious choices to have a better future. This programme will build them to be leaders and role models for the youth. I have so much confidence in today’s youth, and I can see that they have the potential and the ability to be great, they are the future after all.

This is what MOT’s core values mean to me:
  •  Courage to live:

Strengthening the youth to love their lives and go for their dreams and goals by making conscious choices, as each choice has a consequence. If they do have challenges, they should seek help, and not be afraid of being vulnerable.

  • Courage to care:

Having the courage to care for others, including yourself. To have empathy for others, and not judge others, but be curious and have compassion.

  • Courage to say no:

Having the courage to speak up and say no when something or someone goes against their (your) values, as well as setting positive boundaries.

I love that MOT gives us the tools to change the lives of our youth. Thanks for such an amazing and inspiring programme and I am excited to be a part of the MOT Family!

Thank you, MOT!

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