Farewell to our ex-Chairperson, Yasmin Forbes


We bid farewell to Yasmin Forbes who has been with MOT since 2019 and shortly after that was elected as the Chairperson of MOT when Prof Eltie Links retired. 

Yasmin came with extensive knowledge, experience, and passion to help MOT SA grow! Very shortly after she assumed office, her influence was felt in the structures she put in place. 

Yasmin led us through the trauma of operation under the hard lockdown of COVID-19. This was new territory for many of us, but she again set in place structures for us to meet using technology and virtual platforms. It allowed the MOT staff to work from home and keep the MOT Programme alive in the minds of our partners. 

As you look back on your time with us, please know that our achievements and growth would not have been possible without you. We are proud of the legacy you left behind. We will continue to drink from our own cool-aid 🙂 

Thank you for all you did for MOT and we wish you well in your future endeavours