MOT Coaches’ Basic Education in Burgersdorp

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On 26 – 27 August 2022, we hosted our second MOT Coaches’ Basic Education for the year, but the first to the Burgersdorp Community, Eastern Cape, as part of our partnership with Scatec and it was a huge success!

A total of 27 MOT Coaches who are educators, community workers and volunteers were trained, representing 4 different schools and community organisations.

Our new MOT coaches are eager to show the youth what it means to live with courage and realize that they have the right to dream and the power to make those dreams come true. Using the MOT philosophy and core values, our MOT Coaches are equipped with the tools to develop and strengthen the next generation to be self-aware, active citizens and leaders.

About Scatec partnership

MOT SA has been appointed by Scatec Solar to implement a Youth Leadership Programme within 2021, wherein we completed the 6-month MOT Programmes for 30 youth, which forms part of their companies’ strategic development goals.

One of the MOT Youth and now a trained MOT Coach, Sanelisiwe Sikweyiya, saw the positive impact the MOT Programmes were bringing to the youth, and further motivated for the MOT Programmes to be implemented within the schools and community organisation, hence the MOT Coaches Basic Education.

Sanelisiwe Sikweyiya during the 6-month Youth Programme

Sanelisiwe Sikweyiya’s proposal included: “Like in many communities in our country, unemployment has become a huge problem; this has crippled and demotivated our youth immensely. As a result, our youth has resorted to a life of crime, drugs, alcohol and prostitution. We also have a huge challenge of teen pregnancy and dropouts. When I enrolled in the MOT Programme, I saw an opportunity to motivate and empower our youth and also to bring a sense of meaning back into their lives. The youth people in our community feel like they do not belong anywhere and I feel this programme can change that.”

How are the MOT Programmes done?

The MOT Programmes make use of activities, reflections, stories, and group discussions, to create a magical atmosphere and inspirational experiences that contribute to strengthening youth’s ownership of the MOT values courage to live, courage to care, and courage to say no – which in turn strengthens their ability to build themselves and others.

Thank you to the friendly staff at Merino Inn at Colesberg for the hospitality and assistance when it was needed, Yoli’s Catering services for the delicious food supplied throughout the 2 days and a special thank you to Scatec for making this possible!

We are so proud of our robust and Passionate, Youthful, Innovative and Sincere (P-YIS) MOT Coaches!

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