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View our testimonials and recommendation letters from our MOT Partners and Associates below.

Testimonial from False Bay TVET College, Karin Hendricks (2023)

Testimonial from Principal of Gardens Commercial High – Dylan Tommy (2022)

Testimonial – Radisson Blu (2022)

Recommendation Letter – Northlink College (2019)

Recommendation from Counselling Psychologist (2019)

Letter of recommendation – False Bay College (2019)

Testimonial from Spine Road Principal, Mr Najaar (2016)

Testimonial from COSAT Principal, Mrs P Cooper (2016)

Testimonial from The Most Reverend Dr Thabo Cecil Makgoba (2011)

Testimonial from Chamber of Mines Chief Executive, Bheki Sibiya (2011)

Endorsement WCED Kubeshini Govender (2011)

Testimonial from Chief Director of FET at WCED, Zozo Siyengo (2010)

Testimonial from Archbishop Desmond Tutu (2006)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Atle Vårvik, Founding Father of MOT

Our regular analyses of feedback from MOT students at TVET colleges have revealed the many young lives positively impacted by exposure to the MOT programme. MOT has encouraged youths to make good choices, to cease risky behaviours, and to persist with their studies in spite of the difficulties that threatened to impede them. In their own words, young people felt affirmed by the excellent MOT facilitators who built their self-confidence, enabled them to envision their futures, and convinced them to believe in their dreams. All our TVET students would benefit from participation in MOT in these challenging times.

– Joy Papier from University of the Western Cape (UWC)

The well-established MOT programme instills a strong sense of pride and personal worth in participants which encapsulates ubuntu and develops into active citizenry in the community. It plays a harmonizing role in the learning environment by inculcating values such as appreciation of diversity, humanity and mindfulness. Through clever activities, students discover things about themselves and this brings about greater awareness about the plight of others and impacts positively on the working relationship in class. 

– MOT Coach, Cheryl Fester from Northlink TVET College
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