Positive Research results from Henley Business School

MOT received a fantastic opportunity to work with MBA students from Henley Business School in which MOT’s performance and reputation in the areas of MOT programme delivery and Stakeholder management have been assessed.

The preliminary report received has validated the direction Programmes & Training has taken and strategies applied to strengthen implementation and stakeholder engagement – with valuable insights on how to further strengthen MOT in these two areas.

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Extracts from the Report

“During the interviews, further interpretation was discussed and folded out as self-leadership, which means that the courage to care is how to care for yourself, courage to live has its focus on personal goals and dreams and courage to say no represents the capability of setting boundaries. During all interviews, the respondents were able to mention the values, which indicates that they have been implemented
clearly, clearly, and concretely.”

MOT’s Values

The MOT Robust Youth program’s value proposition is, in short, to strengthen robustness, mastery of life, mental health, awareness and courage, thereby promoting a safe class environment where all are included. The described payoffs are less exclusion, bullying, violence, alcohol, and drug abuse. This value proposition resonated with all the respondents in the survey and interview, as these trades and behaviours are essential for the schools to provide a good educational service to their learners. One of the MOT coaches says, “The program provides an environment which allows the learners to open up and share their reflections and challenges – some have breakthroughs, other breakdowns” another Coach said, “We are so busy with the curriculum that the teachers forget to teach life skills to the learners”, these quotes support the value of MOT´s value proposition.


MOT is a well-run organisation that prepares young people for the future in South Africa. For MOT to grow, some decisions will need to be made regarding how they should be organised in the future and which focus is most important. The project group has had the opportunity to scratch the surface of the possibilities but has yet to be able to delve deeper.

The report outlines a number of options that MOT can consider when reviewing its strategy. Neither ranking the options nor defining a clear roadmap have been the objectives of the project group. Based on the sparse data collected, this is not possible. However, it has been possible to identify four concrete options from which MOT can profitably draw inspiration for the future.


Working with an NGO like MOT South Africa has shown how capable, resourceful, and passionate a team they are, and together with the findings in working with the assignment, it has strengthened the belief that they are a part of the solution in the long run. We sincerely hope this assignment can contribute to future work in MOT South Africa. The module has allowed us with a purpose to apply several learnings from both the R&R module and earlier modules from our MBA journey. We agree that this module has given us an experience we will remember for the rest of our lives. We genuinely appreciate that MOT South Africa had shown us their trust and stood with open arms when we investigated their
organisation. It has been a fantastic experience, and not at least genuinely inspiring.

Thank you to the Henley Business School Team, Anne Marie Antonsen, Jacob Kjærhus, Pascal Ximenez and Stine Luise Goll for affording MOT South Africa the opportunity to work with you. We truly appreciate the valuable insights given!

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Check out our MOT Youth Blogger of the Month – Nkgetheleng Gloria Bocheletsana here. She is a MOT Youth and Alumnus from False Bay TVET College, Khayelitsha Campus. 

In her blog, Nkgetheleng shares the MOT Programme’s positive impact on her life. “It has completely changed my mindset because now I know how to communicate effectively, think positively during negative situations, and show empathy and respect towards my peers, no matter their backgrounds.”

We are so proud of how much Nkgetheleng has grown, for all her amazing achievements, and for what she does in her community. Keep on shining! 

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