MOT Youth Blogger of the Month – Nkgetheleng Gloria Bocheletsana

Positive impact MOT Programme has on young people's lives

Below is a blog from Nkgetheleng and here she shares the positive impact that the MOT Programme had on her life.

Being a part of the MOT Programme, I have learned that every one of us has a purpose in life and once you find that purpose, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. All you need is to believe in yourself and your abilities. We are unique and no one can be you, that is your power.

It has completely changed my mindset because now I know how to communicate effectively, think positively during negative situations, and show empathy and respect towards my peers, no matter their backgrounds.  It helped me always look for the best in others and situations.

MOT is a great initiative for our youth, as it allows them to discover their potential and be the best version of themselves. It allows you to stand up for your values and what you believe in and to always include others. Using the MOT values and principles will allow for a warmer and safer place for society and youth that are courageous. I believe that every youth needs to be a part of this programme as it encourages you to think beyond the negative you are facing and go for your dreams and goals.

As a role model and leader in my community, I lead myself in a different light now since MOT taught me to be a role model within my community.  It allowed me to take responsibility for my own life and my future and not blame others. I’ve learned the importance of communicating clearly and effectively and always speaking positivity into the world. I speak more openly; I listen to others’ views and problems and I care more than I ever did before.

MOT needs to expand throughout the world. It was great being part of this journey and I’m truly excited about the positive impact that the MOT Programme had on my life!

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