Courage to Say No Walk 2024

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Date: 30 November 2024

MOT South Africa is inviting you to join and Save the Date for our Courage to Say No Walk and Concert on December 2nd in Cape Town. The event aims to bring together 1,500 youth and adults to walk against all forms of abuse and honour the victims and survivors.

Event details

Date: 30 November 2024

More details about the event will be provided in the months to follow. However, we urge you to save the date of and be part of this important event.

The 5 KM walk will begin in the morning and will be followed by a concert featuring local artists.

This is an opportunity for you to show your support and be part of the solution to end abuse in our communities. Let’s walk together in solidarity, and have the Courage to say NO to abuse.

Together, let’s create a safe and inclusive society where everyone can live without fear of abuse. See you there!

Purpose of the event

The Courage to Say No Walk is a reinforcement of MOT’s core value, “The Courage to Say No”. This value encourages individuals to stand up for their values, dare to speak out, practice tough love, go their own way, resist peer pressure, and handle challenges in the best possible way.

It is an opportunity for individuals to put this value into practice by taking a stand against abuse and all forms of abuse to unite and have the Courage to say NO to abuse, and honour and support the survivors and victims.

By participating in the Courage to Say No Walk, you will be demonstrating your commitment to creating a warmer, safer and inclusive society, where everyone can live without fear or abuse.

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