Voices of Courage Event: 16 June

On 16 June, we had an amazing and MOTivating day at the arena in Tyger Valley Shopping Mall, celebrating both Youth Day and Father’s Day. The Voices of Courage Campaign, a collaboration between MOT SA and Tyger Valley Mall, aims to inspire and empower young people and give them a voice to share their stories and wisdom.

We are extremely thankful to our incredible speakers: Victor Pike, Community Builder and mentor; Andile Nebulane, our MOT ambassador and actor; and Karen Zoid, singer-songwriter and guitarist, for making this event a memorable one.

Victor Pike on the Importance of Showing Up

Victor Pike began the event with a powerful talk on “The Importance of Showing Up.” He emphasized the significance of being present and involved in the lives of loved ones, particularly as a father. Victor encouraged fathers to lead by example, showing bravery in the face of challenges and being a steady source of support and guidance for their families.

He touched on the societal expectation that men should not cry but encouraged fathers to allow themselves to be vulnerable. By expressing their emotions, fathers can teach their children that it is okay to feel and show their true selves. His message resonated deeply with the audience, highlighting the pivotal role fathers play in shaping the future of their children.

Andile Nebulane on Self-Reflection and Personal Growth

Andile captivated the audience with his insights on self-reflection and personal growth. He emphasized the importance of reflecting on one’s day before going to sleep. This “golden time,” as he called it, is crucial for evaluating how to improve and better oneself. Andile urged everyone to prioritize themselves and their time wisely, not letting circumstances dictate their lives.

He shared his own challenges and how he decided not to be a victim of his circumstances but to work hard on himself. Andile’s message was clear: use your struggles to propel yourself forward and inspire others. He also encouraged everyone to get involved with MOT, an organization dedicated to empowering the youth.

Karen Zoid on When to Dare to Speak Out

Karen brought a unique perspective to the event, focusing on the courage required to voice one’s thoughts and beliefs. Karen emphasized that true courage comes from the heart and involves standing up for what you believe in, even when it’s difficult. She engaged the audience by asking what Ubuntu means and explained that it is about making the youth our own, showing them respect, and supporting their dreams.

Karen highlighted that respect is essential and can open doors to many opportunities. She encouraged the youth to pursue their passions, whether it’s becoming a doctor or any other profession, and to start working towards their goals now. Karen’s interactive session included inviting two young attendees to share what courage means to them, creating a magical, MOTivating and inclusive atmosphere.

A Day of Gratitude and Inspiration

This day was truly great, filled with inspiring messages and valuable insights. We are grateful to all who attended and made this event special. A big thank you to Tyger Valley Mall for their amazing partnership in the Voices of Courage Campaign. Additionally, we extend our appreciation to Crazy Store for the wonderful gifts given to our speakers. Thank you, very much!

The event was a testament to the power of courage, self-reflection, and respect. The words of Victor Pike, Andile Nebulane, and Karen Zoid remind us to be brave, prioritize personal growth, and support the youth in their journeys. Let’s carry these messages forward and continue to inspire and empower one another every day.

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