Jannie Isaacs

Key Person

The initiator of MOT South Africa is Mr. Jannie Isaacs who, in 2006, was the principal of College of Cape Town. Mr. Isaacs learnt about MOT from another principal, Mr. Odd Henning Johannessen at Haugaland upper secondary school in Haugesund, Norway. College of Cape Town and the school in Norway were running a teacher exchange programme. Odd Henning told Jannie about the impact of MOT in his school and Jannie was inspired to try out MOT in his college.

Together with the “MOT SA initiative team”, consisting of Brian Dalton, Are Hovstad, Zozo Siyengo, Trish van der Merwe and Keith Loynes, Jannie Isaacs laid the foundation for the establishment of MOT SA as an independent organisation in 2008.