10. April 1991

MOT ambassador
Since 2016

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Born and raised in Cape Town, Janice is a powerful soul and pop singer who grew up singing in church and took lead roles in school performance groups, choirs and musicals.

A few years after High School, Janice joined her childhood friend Jimmy Nevis, who asked her to join his band as a backing vocalist. After 3 years Janice had toured with Jimmy Nevis and backed other artists such as Loyiso Bala and various International Gospel Acts. It soon became evident that she was born for the stage and soon after, Janice decided to pursue a full time singing career as a solo singer and songwriter.

Janice is excited to be a MOT Brand Ambassador and work with the MOT youth to create positive change in our country.

Janice shares her message to the youth:

“I know that you may feel lost, but remember that the strong have battle scars. You were born to fight and live in the light.”

We are proud to welcome Janice to the MOT family. Her courageous efforts to go for her dream despite her fears, makes her a role model for the youth in South Africa.