JP Duminy


14. April 1994

MOT ambassador
Since 2016

Social media

JP Duminy (full name Jean-Paul) is an international South African cricket player and all round super star. JP is a seasoned batsman, skilled fielder and competent bowler.

In 2014, JP founded the JP21 Project. The project aims to reignite the passion and enthusiasm for the game of cricket in underprivileged communities and schools, particularly in the Western Cape area.

The project’s mission is to cultivate a new, positive culture; a culture that embodies core values of respect, kindness, transparency and integrity. JP21 Project wants to inspire and motivate learners to become role models within their own communities.

“We have to encourage and empower the next generation by providing them with opportunities and choices for their future.”

Youth development and empowerment lies close to JP’s heart. He is excited to be a MOT Brand Ambassador and hopes that his story will inspire the young MOTivators to go for their dreams and give back to their communities.