Robust Youth 12–16

The programme Robust Youth 12-16 is developed since 1994 and being used by secondary schools for youth aged 12–16 years.The programme Robust Youth 12-16 is developed since 1994 and being used by secondary schools for youth aged 12–16 years.

Objective: Strengthening the individual’s robustness and class environments and school cultures where all are included.

Outstanding MOT coaches conduct a number of engaging MOT sessions every year. The sessions are characterised by involvement, trust and energy. The youth are central and participating. The MOT coaches are experts at reaching youth and convey simple life values and let everyone get space. 

Structured manuscripts combined with activities, reflections, stories, exercises and action creates a magical atmosphere and inspirational experiences that in turn contributes to strengthening youth’s ownership to the MOT values courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no – which in turn strengthens their ability to build themselves and others.

Frame structure

  1. The principal wants MOT at the school
  2. MOT coordinator has ownership and is passionate, youthful, innovative and sincere (P-YIS)
  3. Exceptional MOT coaches
  4. MOT's basic education for MOT coaches and MOT coordinator
  5. MOT's value-based leadership development for the principal and possibly other school leaders
  6. 12 MOT sessions á 120/150 min.
  7. Reinforcement days: Value start, Courage to Care Day, Dream Day, Enthusiastic Ending
  8. Young MOTivator, approx. 5 % of the 9th Graders, incl. education
  9. Young MOTivator conducts MOT sessions for 6th and 7th Graders. Co-organizers of the Reinforcement Days
  10. Kickstart the first day of school; inspirational speech, warm-up, teacher info
  11. MOT information for parents/guardians (40 min.)
  12. MOT Forever
  13. The MOT Survey
  14. Other success activities, both highly recommended and possibilities
  15. Competence and energy filling for the principal, possibly other school leaders, MOT coordinator and MOT coaches, e.g. the national Enthusiast gathering and the local partnership meeting

The 12 MOT sessions

The 12 MOT sessions last 120/150 minutes and are divided into the following topics:

Year 1

1. Show courage
2. Expectations
3. Focus
4. Dialogue
5. Individual strength
6. Valuable

Year 2

7. Choices
8. Dreams
9. Role models

Year 3

10. Safety
11. Value awareness
12. Future