MOT Youth Blogger of the Month: Sara Claasen

Hello Everyone. I am Sara Claasen. I studied at Northlink College, Goodwood Campus. I am a MOT Alumni and have been in the MOT Programme from 2016 – 2017. I have also been trained to be a Young MOTivator.

I would like to talk about a quote that really inspired me and would like to share what it means to me and my story. It reads: “You are what you think you are”.

This taught me that you should change your thinking into positivity, and this will change your life. It doesn’t mention what others think, but our own thoughts. Our biggest mistake is that we measure our abilities, goals and build our dreams based on the opinion of others and forgetting that the person with the biggest opinion and influence in our lives should be ourselves. If you really think about it, then we are cutting ourselves short and missing out on opportunities simply by not staying true to ourselves.

When the time came for me to start my classes at Northlink College, I was so worried and scared of what others might think and react towards me. This fear affected me so much that I almost gave up on my dream of studying. I really needed something or someone to assure me and give me the courage I need to be real to myself and this is what MOT did.

I got introduced to the MOT and I believe that the programme changed my life for the better! I became more confident being myself, no more afraid to walk with my head held high and embracing my flaws and shortcomings, giving my family the imperfect me which I came to realize they could handle. With this mindset, I became my daughter’s role model, my son’s funky mom, and the coolest old school lady in my class at college!

I am truly grateful for what I have achieved through MOT and the Quote I mentioned above. Thanks to MOT, I found myself and my true path of courage to live a full and happy life.

Today I am more confident and doing what I love, which is uplifting and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow through teaching!