MOT Youth Blogger of the Month: Preston Saayman

Grow and Glow above fear by Preston Saayman

View Preston reading the poem live here which he read during our MOT Enthusiasts’ Gathering 6 March 2020

Another day yes, another opportunity to pray

Another way to endure my community to sway

In the movement of a brighter future a better day

Young people, The leaders, the teachers of tomorrow

Life gets hard but we cannot live it in sorrow

I hope my message strikes your heart like an arrow

I hope the mantra sets in very thorough

You will grow and you will glow

You will grow and you will glow

I know the comfort of being alone,

In your own space, hiding your real face

Forcing a straight face

Against the pain out there and the disgrace

But believe me how powerful is just one smile

That ecstasy energy will be around for a whole while

The satisfaction of jubilation as one nation

That’s what we need

We do that step by step by being discreet

Is the process long? Yes, unfortunately, it is indeed

But reaping the fruits of good karma is priceless

Don’t be voiceless

Courage is within I can guarantee

I used to hate the fact that I love being happy

The fear that it might be taken away as a canvas from an artist

But now I strive to be the one who loves the hardest

Take all those emotions and nurture your harvest

Escape that abyss, escape the pain, escape all the darkness

Become robust and start to believe and trust, look in the mirror and see your soul sparkle of stardust

My friends call me alchemy. And I encourage you to make your heart the largest.