MOT SA Staff and Enthusiasts stays virtually connected!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has put all worldwide in the back seat, forcing many of us to flatten the curve by working at home.

Being home away from family, friends and the outdoors can become a bit too much for many out there.

The MOT SA Team have been working remotely since 16 March 2020. And while at home, we are still staying connected with each other and our MOT Enthusiasts.

The MOT Team connecting via Zoom

Our Young MOTivators and MOT Coaches have taken the initiative in empowering the public on how to stay safe and keep from being idle while the country is in lockdown by sending us videos and posts to keep you MOTivated.

Feast your eyes on the videos and posts below and other inspiring posts on our Social media platforms and be prepared to come out full of inspiration and MOTivation!

We have also started Marlon’s Midweek Motivation Workout which is run by Marlon, our Programmes and Training Officer who has dedicated his time on giving simple exercises to help you list your lockdown blues.

Check them out below: