MOT SA first-ever Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the prohibition of public gathering and social distancing, it was not possible for our stakeholders to attend this years’ AGM in person and was therefore held via Zoom with over 70 attendees including MOT SA Founders from Norway and MOT Enthusiasts from South Africa!

The theme for our 11th AGM was #Courage2bReal which means being your authentic self.

Our MOT Founder, Atle Vårvik shared his global reflections on MOT. He shared that as a 12-year old he felt curious and inspired when a prisoner visited his home from his father’s invitation for Christmas and wanted to make a change for good.   

Farewell and Welcome to new MOT Board Members

Trish van der Merwe and Zozo Siyengo

It was formally announced that our 2 beloved board members, Trish van der Merwe and Zozo Siyengo have stepped down as board members of MOT SA.

Both Trish and Zozo have been with MOT SA since 2007 before MOT officially started in South Africa in 2008. They have both fully embraced the MOT values and principles and have done even greater things in their own capacities.

We would like to thank Trish van der Merwe and Zozo Siyengo for all the incredible work you have done while serving on the Board. You have touched many lives while working in the background to make MOT SA into the organization it is today.

While bidding farewell to two of our board members, we officially welcomed 3 more!

Yasmin Forbes, Malerato Goba and Nana Aston!

We look forward to the great things that lies ahead and we’re so proud to have such amazing women on board with us!

Welcome to the MOT family and everything of the best!

Find out more about our incredible and passionate board members here

We would like to thank all our MOT Enthusiasts for a successful meeting!

Here are a few of the comments shared in the Zoom Group Chat:

  • Congratulations to all new Board members and thank you to all of the MOT for the hard work. I am looking forward to continuing the relationship with Wynberg Rotary and all role players. All of the best for the rest of 2020. – Stacy Edwards
  • Julia, Great AGM, exciting initiatives. Very proud of your MOT journey. Applause applause applause! – Busi Maqubela 
  • Thank you, MOT for the good work.
  • Congratulations with a very special virtual AGM, Julia and your team!! – Trish van der Merwe
  • Congratulations to all the new board members. Thank you, Julia and your team for all you do. Looking forward to our future engagement. – Jean Alison Human
  • Excellent AGM xxxxx – Melanie Vermaak
  • Thank you very much to all, keep well and safe. – Monique Petersen
  • Congratulations to the entire MOT Team – you have outdone yourselves.  Keep the MOT flag flying. – Jannie Isaacs
  • Thank You for a great AGM – Salma Emjedi

View this year’s Annual report here

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