Happy Women’s Month!

MOT Women's Month

From left: Lusanda Mafenuka, Jacqueline Carolus, Bernelee Luke, Andiswa Makha, Julia Duminy, Terzel Rasmus-Williams, Charmaine Anthony

A month dedicated to celebrating the strong women in our lives – whether we are them, we know them, or we raised them!

Women’s Month is celebrated as a tribute to the +20 000 women who came together from all parts of the country and marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 9 August 1956 in protest against the discriminatory Pass Laws.

“Pass laws” were designed to limit the movement of Africans during apartheid. Women were discriminated against, as they were not entitled to the same rights and privileges as men.

“Men … had authority in society; women were seen as subordinate to men”. “[Women] were not expected to concern themselves with matters outside the home – that was more properly the domain of men.” Read more of the History of Women’s struggle in South Africa  here

Apart from celebrating women, National Women’s Day draws attention to the many struggles women continue to face in their homes, community and workplace such as Gender-Based Violence (GBV), harassment, unequal pay, etc, which means that we still have a long way to go as a country and world. There are many privileges that South African women have now that were not possible many years ago.

We as MOT South Africa take a firm stand against all violence and would like to encourage those that are suffering due to GBV to have the courage to stand up and say NO to something that we do not agree to, rise and make your voice heard! Read our article about GBV here

We are so proud of all our women staff, Board Members, MOT Associates, MOT Youth, Brand Ambassadors and MOT Enthusiasts for all their achievements.

Let us continue to be grateful and celebrate all women and their achievements from before, what they set the tone for and what is to come!

Stay tuned for some interesting content as we celebrate our courageous and incredible MOT Women through Women’s Month Features.

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