MOT SA Supports 16 Days of Activism

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MOT SA Youth supports 16 days of activism. Our youth showing signs of them being against GBV

16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children

16 Days of Activism is an international awareness-raising campaign that runs from the 25th of November to 10 December annually for the elimination of violence against gender-based violence against women and children.

The United Nations has set this campaign as the International Day of No Violence against Women. South Africa as a nation has also taken a stance in stopping gender-based violence by implementing the Emergency Response Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (ERAP) “to fast-track a programme of action to address gender-based violence and femicide in the country.” Read more here

Violence against women and girls has been a major problem around the world and South Africa is not exceptional in this. So many women and girls have suffered emotional and physical abuse. Some have even lost their lives due to this act. Gender-based violence is an obstacle for women and girls as some are living with fear.

We can play our part in our societies by:
  • Encourage silent female victims to talk about abuse and ensure that they get help.
  • Reporting any act of abuse and rejecting such kind.
  • Encourage children to report bully behaviour to school authorities.
  • Men and boys are encouraged to talk about abuse and actively discourage abusive behaviour.
  • Encourage others to take a stand against the abuse of women and children.
  • Signing the pledge Against Gender-based violence.
  • In both schools and homes, children must be taught the values of gender equality.
  • Community outreaches sensitize people about gender equity.
  • Policymakers should develop policies that deal with gender-based violence.
  • Challenge cultures and practices that perpetuate gender inequalities and consent women, girls and children abuse.

Stand up for 16 Days of Activism on Social Media

Social media has become a common platform that we can use to bring awareness to GBV. We can reach out to as many people as possible through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and many other media.

Together we can take action to support the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign. 

#AFreeWomenAFreeSociety #16DaysofActivism # LetsEndGBV

By Charity Mupangani

Join in with TEARS and sign the Pledge to end GBV here:

I pledge to acknowledge that there is no small act of GBV.

I pledge to speak up against gender violence and sexism.

I pledge to be a leader of men in the fight against GBV.

Join me and Patrick Shai and sign the pledge today.

Your voice counts too. 

Visit for information and resources. 

#TEARS Foundation #AwareAccountableActive #WhatMenDo #ForWomenWithMen #GBV #GenderBasedViolence #SouthAfrica #WomensRights #BreakTheSilence 

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