Our Successful MOT Enthusiasts’ Gathering 2022

MOT Enthusiats' Gathering 2022

On Friday, 27 May 2022, MOT South Africa held its MOT Enthusiasts’ Gathering to over 70 participants (both in-person and online), an event held biannually to celebrate MOT’s success and the journey ahead.

Dalin Oliver, an award-winning South African Stand-Up Comedian, who in addition dons the hat as an award-nominated Breakfast Show Sports Presenter on Good Hope FM, joined the gathering as the guest speaker for the day where he shared his story through the topic: The Importance of having Courage over Fear.

Theme and Panel Discussion

MOT Panel Discussion
Pictured from Left: Ayanda Dlamini; Alana James; Chanél Joseph; Dylan Tommy; Dr Puni Mamdoo

This year’s theme was ‘Understanding Youth Empowerment in South Africa’ which was discussed with a great panel of experts: Ayanda Dlamini, MOT Brand Ambassador, Radio & Television Presenter, MC, Voice over Artist; Alana James, MOT Ambassador, Managing Director at Alana James Consulting; Chanél Joseph, Programme Manager at the Centre for Early Childhood Development; Dylan Tommy, Principal at Gardens Commercial High and Dr Puni Mamdoo, Public Health Medicine Specialist, SPHER3 NPC.

Alana James shared that currently our youth are being excluded in their own empowerment and that, “we need to start including youth and empowering them by giving them accountability”. She shared that we don’t have to start over, it’s just levelling up what is currently in place. “Let’s not recreate, but look at what’s around us. We as leaders and parents need to put the effort in to level up what’s already in place for our youth. We need to teach our youth that they deserve so much more, that they have a voice.”

Chanél Joseph shared that when it comes to youth empowerment, the communities, in general, need to start recognizing youth as change agents and the valuable contribution they can make around them. Chanél shared that we need to go into the communities that are struggling and gain the youth’s trust. This way, they would be able to share their problems and perhaps also give suggestions as to how to conquer those problems.

Dylan Tommy shared that at Gardens Commercial High, they incorporate a lot of extra mural activities in the school programme for the day, and he finds that giving young people the opportunity to experience different things can help them to find their passion in life. He encouraged schools and organisations to expose young people to more opportunities, experiences, and skills and take them out of their usual environment, which will in turn allow them to see the bigger picture and they will want to be better and do better things in life.

Dr Puni Mamdoo shared that the journey of youth empowerment starts before the baby is born and nurturing environments start within the homes, “We need to take a step back as a community and health system perspective and start creating a space and access for services for moms such as postnatal care. Access to good health care for those in poverty is limited and our youth are suffering from mental health issues”.

Certificate and Award Ceremony

Best performing MOT Coaches

In recognition of our MOT Coaches’ valuable contribution to MOT, the positive impact and experiences they have created for the youth in their institution and South Africa as a whole, we have awarded certificates to the following MOT Coaches:

From Zeekoevlei High School: Claudia Sacco, Julleen Goliath, Louise Emily Wheeler, Melissa Barnes, Melissa Richards

From Sakhisizwe Youth Development Centre: Thembisile Tabata, Lelothando Bokuva, Lihle Ngece, Wanga Njokweni

Young MOTivators who have been trained into MOT Coaches from False Bay TVET College: Marlyn-Lee Van Dieman, Gary Speelman, Cheslyn Rippenaar.

MOT School of the Year

In recognition of our MOT Schools’ valuable contribution to MOT and the positive impact and experiences they have created for the youth in their school and community, the MOT School of the Year Award was presented to Zeekoevlei High School.

Southern Mail newspaper celebrated the school’s success in their newspaper as well. Click here to read

The Top 3 Finalists, including Zeekoevlei High, were: Fairmount High School and Lotus High School.

MOT Organisation of the Year

In recognition of our MOT Organisations’ valuable contribution to MOT and the positive impact and experiences they have created for the youth in their school and community, the MOT Organisation of the Year Award was presented to Mbekweni Youth Centre.

The Top 3 finalists, including Mbekweni Youth Centre, were: Sakhisizwe Youth Development Centre and Pebbles Project.

The Are Hovstad Award
Pictured from left: MOT Programmes and Training Manager, Andiswa Makha; wife of Are Hovstad, Wenche Hovstad; Principal of Fairmount High School, Terence Klassen; Social Entrepreneur, Nadia Gabier

The Are Hovstad award was presented for the first time at the MOT AGM and Awards Ceremony in 2019. Jarl Are Hovstad was a founding Board member of MOT SA and was knighted by HRH King Harald of Norway for his work in education and health on the Cape Flats.

He was also awarded Western Cape Provincial Honours in the form of The Order of the Disa, including many more inspiring works.

In tribute to his legacy, the MOT SA Board decided to award a MOT Associate who whole-heartedly displayed similar characteristics to our beloved Are Hovstad.

Wenche Hovstad, the wife of Are Hovstad, shared stories about the wonderful man our beloved Are Hovstad was. “The award was established to honour him and to keep the ethos and spirit of MOT and the values he had alive”.

We’re proud to announce our Are Hovstad Winner for 2022, Mr Terence Klassen!

Mr Terence Klassen is the Principal of Fairmount High School.

Our 2021 Are Hovstad Winner, Darren Maybe nominated Mr Klassen and believed that was the perfect fit for this prestigious award, as he is the epitome of the MOT Values (Courage to Live, Courage to Care and Courage to Say No) and is a genuinely loving and caring person.

In Darren’s nomination form, he wrote that Mr Klassen: “is an inspiration to me and so many young people at Fairmount as well as the surrounding community members and parents. He believes in a second chance.

Those young people that other teachers and parents gave up on, he always goes the extra mile to motivate them and encourage them to become better and bigger than their circumstances, to not give up and push through their adversities.”

“Despite his own personal challenges, he still lives by his values and still decides to choose to offer a hand to the youth. He truly believes in the youth as the leaders of today and the generation that will take this nation to the next dimension.

He is a true inspiration and a big role model to all, and I am proud to nominate him.”

We are proud of this year’s winner. Well done, Mr Klassen and keep up the amazing and inspiring work you’re doing for the youth and community!

Nominees for this award were Marlyn – Lee Van Diemen and Lynnsay Jones.

More about the Top 3:

Marlyn – Lee Van Diemen is a MOT Alumni, Young MOTivator and MOT Coach. He volunteers and participates in the formal MOT SA camps and events where he is a valuable contributor.

Marlyn is employed at a large call centre, and he uses MOT Games to encourage and inspire his colleagues and through this engages them in talking about the MOT values.

Lynssay Jones has partnered with MOT SA in her capacity as Trust Administrator of the Lombardi Family Charitable Trust and the Abe Bailey Trust. Lynnsay is responsible for the administration of several Charitable Trusts.

Lynnsay Jones is a versatile, strategic and results-driven professional with a broad skill set. She is an Attorney by profession with 8 years of working experience in the Legal and Financial Services sector. Lynnsay is a proud graduate of the University of the Western Cape with diverse interests in law and serving humanity.

Wall of Winners for this award are:

2019: Christine Thomas, Student Support Officer from False Bay TVET College, Fish Hoek Campus

2021: Darren Maybe, Young MOTivator from False Bay TVET College, Westlake Campus

The day ended off with Timothy McBride, from the Institute for Post School Studies (IPSS) at the University of Western Cape, who presented on the research of MOT, supported by MOT’s long-standing supporter DG Murray Trust (DGMT). The presentation shared “How well do students participating in the MOT programme perform on examinations in comparison with non-MOT students”.

Thank you to those who have attended our MOT Enthustiasts’ Gathering! It was incredibly magical!

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