MOT Youth Day 60-minute Campaign

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For Youth Day, we held a 60-minute Campaign in which every 60 minutes we have posted a video from our youth sharing what #CourageoverFear means to them. A total of 25 young leaders participated!

Be prepared to be inspired by watching their videos below in order of it being initially posted:

  • Eyethu Mgudlwa
“Courage over Fear to me means the ability to wake up and continue to follow your dreams.”
  • Jama Makha
“Courage over Fear means the motivation you have into doing something over the feeling of being afraid to do it”
  • Lelam Windvoël
“Courage over Fear means fighting the fear in you before it stops you from taking the action”
  • Okuhle Siyengo
“Courage over fear to me means waking up every morning feeling motivated to achieve something new, to inspire to be greater”
  • Kimi Titus: “Courage over Fear means waking up every morning, doing what you have to do, inspiring your parents, and the youth.” Watch here
  • Shaakirah Abrahams: “Courage over fear for me means taking action in spite of the fear that you feel.” Watch here
  • Sisanda Mtekwana
“I’m so glad that I didn’t allow my fear to overshadow my courage”
  • Nwabisa Dondashe
“Because of this fear that holds us back, we often change who we are so that we fit in. In that way, we never truly discover or embrace who we are. The most courageous thing I can say I’ve done throughout my high school career is: choosing to be me, accepting who I am and accepting the person that I’m becoming”
  • Zandile Mdlankomo
“For me, Courage over Fear means – Feeling anxious about doing something, but still going ahead and doing it anyway.”
  • Anovuyo Myataza: “To me, Courage over fear means trusting myself enough with whatever decision that I have to make, even if there is a high chance of failure than success. But knowing that I won’t have to sit with the uncertainty that is brought by fear. After all in life, we learn by taking risks and making mistakes and learning from those mistakes” Watch here
  • Fortune: Courage over fear does not mean that you do not feel fear, but you use that to overcome any obstacle that you come across. Watch here
  • Asakhe Nikani
I may not have a lot of courage, but that shouldn’t mean I should let fear take over me because it will get me nowhere in life.
  • Kelsea Fletcher “Courage over fear is the choices you make, to expand your horizons, even when there is an earthquake.”
  • Zine: “Courage over Fear is very important as a young person, because if you live in fear, how else are you going to achieve your dreams?” Watch here
  • Lulu: “Courage over fear to me means not letting fear rule my life and getting on what I was born to do.” Watch here
  • Nthabeleng
“Sometimes you just go ahead and do it, and that’s what courage over fear looks like for me”
  • Ruth Daniels: Courage over Fear to me means leading by example and doing what is right. It means respecting my feelings and of those around me, as well as taking action! Courage over Fear to me represents strength, empowerment and self-love! Watch here
  • Elliot: Courage over Fear means resilience. Watch here
  • Leah Crouster: I choose courage over fear because I want people to step out of their shells and to stand up for things that are right. Watch here
  • Samsoneesha Speelman: Having courage over fear means being brave and not giving attention to negative comments. It means getting up every morning and saying no to bad vibes! Watch here
  • Richard Lihaba
Courage over Fear to me means having the guts or strength to make a tough decision, with the possibility of it going wrong and still making the decision.
  • Jody Arendse
Courage over fear is not the absence of fear, but the ability to win over the sense of fear
  • Kyle Heath
  • Kwanele Makhaba
  • Encouraging words by Joshua Lewis says: Be confident, be yourself, be who you are. Watch here

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