Courage to Care Day – A huge success!

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On 3 June, MOT SA held its annually celebrated Courage to Care Day – a day all about expressing kindness to others and ourselves, and spreading as much joy as possible!

The day is a reinforcement day which aligns with MOT’s core value, the Courage to Care. This is all about showing care and respect to others and ourselves and giving them Jet fuel, which means being that light for someone and including those that are left out.

The day also reinforces MOT’s vision to create a warmer and safer society for all. 

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Collaborating parties

MOT SA head office identified and collaborated with 3 different organisations in which our partnering high schools, TVET colleges, Community Organisations and corporate partners could join in:

  1. Bone marrow donor registry with DKMS in which participants could register on the DKMS database as potential blood donors.
  2. School clothing for rural schools. A total of 2 bags of school shoes and 5 bags of school uniforms have been collected!
  3. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Shelter support with Teleah Meshae Foundation, a new foundation starting up at the end of June. Over 10 bags of Adults’ and children’s clothing, including toys. These will be donated to a shelter assisting women and children who are victims of GBV.

Our partnering Schools and TVET Colleges and corporate partners that participated were:

  1. Zeekoevlei High School
  2. Fairmount High School,
  3. Lotus High School,
  4. Gardens Commercial High School,
  5. False Bay TVET College, Khayelitsha, Fish Hoek and Westlake Campuses
  6. Northlink TVET College, Belville, Belhar and Wingfield Campuses
  7. College of Cape Town, Crawford Campus
  8. Radisson Blu Hotel, Granger Bay
  9. Cape Town Museum of Children

We were blown away at the massive amount of support we received on the day! We are proud that our communities continue to show the Courage to Care!

Many of our partners were all excited about the campaign! Instead of running the campaign for one day, they ran it for an entire week: 3 – 10 June.

Check out the pictures of the Campaign via our MOT SA Album here

Debriefing and Certificate Ceremony

On 10 June, we hosted a Debriefing and Certificate Ceremony for all participating parties at the Cape Town Museum of Childhood.

The feedback received was that Courage to Care Day is extended for a longer period, instead of one day.

Courage to Care Day was truly a successful campaign! We are proud of all participating parties and the community for showing the Courage to Care!

We cannot wait to share the items received with the beneficiaries and continue with this campaign in 2023!

Check out the pictures of the day via our MOT SA Facebook Page here

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