Courage to be a Woman – Women’s Day Event

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On Friday, 19 August 2022, MOT South Africa held its Women’s Day event – Courage to be a Woman. The event was held to recognize and honour unsung (women) heroes who dedicate their time to youth development in underprivileged communities. Over 50 youth and women were in attendance.


The Keynote Speaker, Kim Webster, Director for Websterbiz Consulting joined us and shared her inspirational story on the topic – Courage in Adversity

Panel Discussion – The Courage to Pass it on

‘The Courage to pass it on’ was the theme of the Panel Discussion, with Alana James our MOT Ambassador and Managing Director at Alana James Consulting as the Panel facilitator.

Bernadine Bachar, Director for Saarkie Baartman Centre for Women and Children shared her inspiring experiences on how women rise through life’s challenges.

Shakirah Dhanse, a student and prefect at our partnering school, Garden’s Commercial High School shared her views on the impact that mental wellness has when you have helped someone grow.

Toni Tebbutt, the 2-time Survivor castaway, featuring in Season 6 – The Philippines, 2018 and called back to star in the returnee season, Season 9 – Return of the Outcasts shared the value of working together & bringing people together. She encouraged our guests to give themselves permission to love themselves fully and unconditionally, despite all the flaws and hurts they may have endured.

Ency Litsoane, Chairperson of MOT SA, Brand Ambassador and Entrepreneur encouraged the audience to start using their skills and knowledge to empower others. “What stops us from growing other people?”

Mary Mhone, a student and prefect at our partnering school, Garden’s Commercial High School shared her views on the expectations that young people have from people with experience.

The panel discussion was extremely engaging and much that our guests learned.

Dr Puni Mamdoo, MOT Associate and Public Health Specialist empowered the audience that they should stay persistent and patient through adversity. “Don’t give up. Try hard. Eventually, you will get there”

Another highlight of the event was our mini quiz competition, in which we quizzed the audience on their knowledge of MOT. In the end, Board Member, Kubeshini Govendar won the competition!

andiswa women's day event

Our Programmes and Training Manager, Andiswa Makha kept the audience entertained with regular ice breakers and ended off the event with the MOT Song!

We are extremely grateful for all the lovely speakers that could join us at our Women’s Day event and for the great words of wisdom shared. Thank you for all the sponsorship and the guests that have attended as well.

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