MOT SA’s New Chairpersons

mot's new chairpersons 2022

We proudly announce MOT SA’s new Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson: Ency Litsoane and Beryl Kerr Ferguson officially appointed on 1 August 2022!


Ency Litsoane, who was initially involved with MOT since 2015, became an MOT Ambassador in 2018, a Board Member in 2022 and now Chairperson of MOT.

Having been aligned with SAWEN (South African Women’s Entrepreneurial Network) as the Chairperson for the Western Cape. She discovered the desperate need to equip entrepreneurs. She has taken the initiative in understanding the legislation and funding available to reinforce the vital role women in business are playing in shaping the national agenda.

A multi-talented lady, Ency still lists relationships and balance as core values in leading an enriched life, and family life rates high on her list of priorities. As part of a truly influential team, she and her husband, ‘Oppa’ Mohlomi Litsoane are a powerful force for change.

“Your playing small does not serve the World…

Through focus and sheer commitment, she has now made a name for herself as a transformation speaker, leadership strategist, entrepreneurship training and personal development trainer.

Deputy Chairperson

Beryl Kerr Ferguson, who was initially involved with MOT since 2018 and is now the Deputy Chair of MOT.

Beryl has Diplomas in both Business Management and Economics.

Beryl’s portfolio is diverse in that she has been in leadership positions in both business and government for the past 30 years.

From Chairing the Council of the University of Western Cape to the Chairing of the WHEAT Trust (Woman’s Hope and Education Trust) to Chairing the South African National Biodiversity Institution.

She served on the MB Sandown board for 13 years as the Transformation and Social and Ethics Chairperson.

She is passionate about the environment and the development of our Youth and Women.

With their leadership and support, we look forward to the continued growth of our organization and creating robust youth. ⁠Ecstatic to have you on board!

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