MOT Coach Blogger of the Month – Sherilee Roelf

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Hi everyone, my name is Sherilee Roelf and I am a MOT Youth and recently trained MOT Coach and I am this month’s MOT Coach Blogger of the Month.  

Since I joined the MOT Programme a year ago through the MOT Youth Life Skills Leadership Programme, which was powered by Scatec, I noticed a lot of positive changes and growth in my life.

The MOT Programme has equipped me with the necessary skills to encounter daily challenges head-on. I learned to set unshakeable boundaries in all relationships and thus ensure my holistic well-being is kept in good condition. I also learned that my values are important, and I should stay true to them, not allowing anyone to compromise what I believe in. It allowed me to reflect on my past experiences and see things in a new and different light.

The interactive group discussions we had throughout allows me to voice my opinions regarding certain relatable topics as well as get a different perspective by listening to others.

My highlight of being a part of the MOT programme was one of the Team building activities which allowed us to build trust. We were in pairs, in which one was blindfolded and has to rely on the other by only listening to their partner who was not blindfolded. This was a great way to form a bond as well as to exercise your trust.

Another highlight is, I have gained more confidence in speaking confidently and clearly, especially to the youth in our community about what they can achieve in life, which falls as part of my daily life as I work within my community.

The MOT sessions were all fun and interactive and it allowed us to get to know each other better, and to open up more, especially through the group discussions. It has been a great experience for me, and I enjoyed every part of it.

I enjoyed being a MOT Youth so much, that I applied to become a MOT Coach so that I can provide the same experience I’ve had to the youth in our community. I’ve been trained as a MOT Coach in August and I look forward to hosting MOT Sessions for the youth.

I believe that the MOT programme will be a great opportunity and have a great and positive effect on anyone who takes part in it. Thank you!

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