MOT thriving in Burgersdorp – Northern Cape

mot thriving in burgersdorp northern cape

The recently trained MOT Coaches from Burgersdorp have successfully completed session 1 within 4 of the schools within their community.

About the MOT Coaches

A total of 27 educators, community workers and volunteers were trained, representing 4 different schools and community organisations were trained to become MOT Coaches in August this year.

So far, they have continued to keep the MOT spirit burning!

mot coach with burgersdorp
Feedback from MOT Youth (Learners)

One learner expressed his gratitude to the MOT Coaches for the wonderful inspiration they received from the session. Another learner encouraged his classmates to take the MOT sessions seriously as it was the first time they received something like this.

Some learners shared how excited they were after the sessions and even discussed the MOT values with the other learners the next day and what it means to them.

The learners all shared that they cannot wait for next year when the subsequent sessions will take place!

Feedback from Principals

The principal from Eureka High School thanked the MOT Coaches for the amazing work they are doing for the young people in the community, where drugs and alcohol are the norm.

Another principal from Mzimkhulu High School shared by motivated he was by the MOT session and encouraged the MOT Coaches to continue with the great work they are doing.

Leadership and active participation from principals are absolutely key for the effective implementation of the MOT Programme within schools. Therefore are utterly grateful to the principals for their support to the MOT Coaches.

Check out our MOT Coach Blogger of the Month – Sherilee Roelf here. Sherilee is a newly trained MOT Coach from Burgersdorp who attended the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education in August 2022. She was initially a MOT Youth and joined the programme as part of our partnership with Scatec Solar in 2021. 

In her blog, she shares how being a part of MOT impacted her life positively and her highlights of the MOT Programme. Click on the button below to read more. 

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