MOT Coaches’ Refresher Workshop: Driving Youth Empowerment in Burgersdorp

MOT Refresher in Eastern Cape, Burgersdorp

On Tuesday, March 28th, 2023, our second MOT Coaches’ Implementation Review and Refresher Workshop for the year took place in Burgersdorp, Eastern Cape.

The Refresher was a great success, and we would like to express our gratitude to all of our MOT Coaches who participated in the workshop and contributed to its success.

The Refresher Training provided our MOT Coaches with the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and skills. They are now ready to continue to host their MOT sessions and motivate and strengthen the youth in Burgersdorp to become active citizens, role models, and leaders in their schools and community.

The passion and spirit of ubuntu displayed by our MOT Coaches were truly inspiring. Their dedication to community development and youth empowerment is what makes MOT’s vision and mission a success. We believe that the youth are the future, and with the help of our MOT Coaches, we can create a warmer and safer place for all.

At MOT, we understand the importance of courage and believing in our dreams. Our goal is to support the youth in taking a stand against bullying, violence, and drug abuse while promoting peace, conflict resolution, ubuntu, and a values-driven culture. This goal cannot be achieved without the help of our incredible MOT family, including our partners of High Schools, TVET colleges, Community Organizations, and Corporates.

The Impact of MOT in Burgersdorp: Insights from Youth

We had an incredible opportunity to visit the schools participating in MOT within Burgersdorp. During our visit, we had the chance to meet with the youth and hear about how MOT has impacted their lives.

We would like to express our gratitude to Scatec Solar, who powers our initiative in Burgersdorp, for making this possible. Their support is invaluable, and we are thankful for their contributions.

In conclusion, we would like to wish our MOT Coaches all the best on their journey to empowering the youth with resilience, awareness, and courage.

With their passion and energy, we are confident that they will bring out the potential of the youth in Burgersdorp and create a brighter future for them.

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