MOT South Africa’s Successful Induction of New Board Members

board induction

On March 31, we conducted a successful MOT induction for our new Board Members: Kim Webster, Tania Davids and Uviwe Mzilikazi in which they received a comprehensive overview of the MOT Programme and gained insight into the incredible programmes and services that MOT offers.

We are proud to have had MOT Board Member who is also one of MOT’s founding members in South Africa, Brian Dalton. His extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise on the MOT Programme were invaluable in giving the new Board Members a solid foundation of understanding of MOT’s programme’s principles, values, and mission. They were inspired by his passion and dedication to MOT, and they felt more than ready to take on the challenge of making a difference in young people’s lives across South Africa.

Board Members are Equipped and Ready to Serve

The induction allowed our new Board members to understand how the programme works, what MOT has achieved so far, and how they could contribute to its success. They were impressed by the MOT Programme’s effectiveness in empowering young people to become positive role models in their communities and inspired by the stories of the many young people who have successfully undergone the programme and have made positive changes in their lives and communities.

MOT is a unique and dynamic programme that has been successfully implemented in three countries, Norway, Denmark, and Latvia. It is designed to strengthen young people’s resilience, self-esteem, and sense of purpose, enabling them to make better life choices and become positive contributors to society. MOT’s success in South Africa is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the MOT team and its many partners and stakeholders.

With the new Board Members’ induction, MOT SA is poised to expand its reach and impact even further. They are now better equipped to support MOT’s implementation and ensure its continued success.

It was a great way to start their journey, and they are looking forward to contributing their expertise and skills to help MOT paint all provinces red in South Africa.

The MOT team is grateful to Brian Dalton for his invaluable contribution to MOT and the induction and looks forward to the exciting journey ahead.

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