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MOT SA Cocktail event

The MOT Cocktail event held on 9 March was a significant success, and the collaboration between MOT South Africa and Rotary International resulted in a remarkable project that made a difference in people’s lives. It was a reminder of the importance of courage and care, and it encouraged everyone to get involved in positively impacting the community.

The event was organized to pay tribute to the MOT Courage to Care Global project, a collaboration between MOT South Africa and Karmøy Rotary Club.

It was held at the College of Cape Town, Crawford Campus, and Deon Van Rooyen the Chief Financial Officer welcomed everyone present and highlighted that MOT is a central part of the college.

Odd Henning Johannessen, Past District Governor from Karmøy Rotary Club and the initiator of the project expressed his gratitude to MOT for the incredible work the programmes have accosted in the community of Grassy Park. He shared that the relationship between MOT and Rotary has been a great experience thus far.

Timothy Mc Bride, a lecturer in the Institute for Post-School Studies (IPSS), Faculty of Education at the University of the Western Cape who was supported in the research by Joy Papier who co-authored, Gerald Vollenhoven, and Sophia Matenda shared about the impact of the MOT Programmes through the research they have conducted from 2021 – 2022. It was a Comparative study which required MOT and non-MOT students doing the same subjects to determine whether they made a difference academically, and the results spoke for themselves:

Results showed that there has been an 18% higher Subject pass rate compared to a Non-MOT youth:

The Quality of passes resulted in 1 symbol high compared to a Non-MOT youth:

And a 12% higher Completion rate compared to a Non-MOT youth:

Appreciation Ceremony

Viola conducted the Appreciation ceremony, where she thanked:

  • The Rotary Club of Wynberg for being the Local club for providing and administering funding to the project,
  • The MOT SA Board and former Board for all the support given to the MOT team
  • The Principals at each school (past and present) for welcoming the MOT programme. Their leadership in ensuring the smooth running of the MOT programme at their schools
  • The MOT Coordinators at each school (past and present) for the support and coordination of the smooth implementation of the MOT programme
  • The MOT Coaches for taking on the additional responsibilities of this project and for being role models to the youth

Brian Dalton, on behalf of the board, thanked everyone for their support and participation, along with the full support received from them throughout the entire project. He was passionate about MOT and thanked Trish and Zozo, encouraging everyone to get involved in drafting another research program that serves them. Odd Henning was also thanked for coming to South Africa and introducing MOT to them, along with his wife, Hild Reidunn, who supported his passion for MOT.

The event concluded with MOT Coach and former Young MOTivator, Cheslyn Rippenaar who serenaded the guests with the MOT song, leaving everyone feeling inspired and MOTivated.

We express our sincere appreciation to The Rotary of Wynberg for the flexibility shown in the changing dynamics of the project. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this programme. This programme has helped us sharpen our skills and horned our ability to deliver this programme and making this project more proficient and efficient.

About the Courage to Care Global Project

The Rotary Club of Wynberg, Haugaland Upper Secondary School, Karmøy Rotary Club, Rotary District 9350 and the Rotary Foundation have a long-standing partnership with Western Cape schools and a vested interest in the Grassy Park community.

MOT SA was identified as an implementing partner and training service provider based on the current need for peacebuilding and conflict prevention in the Grassy Park Community. Three Grassy Park high schools were identified to partner with the organisations in the rollout of the project: Fairmount Secondary School, Zeekoevlei High School and Lotus High School.

The partnership was founded as a humanitarian project aimed at creating safe schools and local environments where youth can grow and develop in peace and harmony, and learn self-acceptance and self-respect. The project was identified with the following shared goals:

  • Develop and strengthen youth to be robust, self-aware, courageous, and resilient.
  • Empower teachers, community leaders and role players with the necessary skills to develop youth holistically
  • Develop a community culture of respect and “ubuntu” which will result in a warmer and safer environment for all. “Ubuntu is Nguni Bantu” a term meaning “humanity”. It describes the South African culture as being that of “oneness” expressing compassion, harmony, and dignity and working together to maintain the spirit of community and taking care of one another.
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